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Tulbaghia cominsii

Tulbaghia cominsii

Tulbaghia are tough South African plants from the Amaryllidaceae family. They are clump-forming plants with narrow strappy leaves and tall flower stalks holding umbels of pretty, star-shaped flowers from late spring until autumn, said to have the fragrance of old pink (Dianthus). They can be grown in pots where space is limited. They like a sunny, well-drained position and will tolerate considerable heat and drought, as well as some frost.

One of the smaller species is Tulbaghia cominsii (ht 20 cm), a petite bulbous plant with thin grassy foliage and delicate pink-flushed white flowers. My clump has flushes of flowers from October until late summer, and is planted in a very hot, dry position at the edge of a hedge with a variety of Zephyranthes as companions, and the effect has been pleasing. The clumps can be divided when they become congested.

Tulbaghia 'Fairy Star' (ht 35 cm) is a cross between T. cominsii and T. violacea and said to be a good, free-flowering plant with dainty shell-pink flowers and slim leaves.


Tulbaghia cominsii
Flowers from September to January.
Plant Family: Amaryllidaceae

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