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When you buy from our site, your purchase will be from My Open Garden Pty Ltd and all prices given include GST at 10%. Our Credit Card purchase process is handled by PayPal, however there is no requirement to become a PayPal member, if you do not wish to. Simply use your credit card, with confidence, on their secure site. Please refer directly to Paypal's site for details of their service and security provisions.

Plant share facility on this site

This site facilitates the sharing of plants between Australian members, and is limited to plants which appear in my Plant Reference list. All arrangements for sharing of plants are solely between members and includes methods of plant exchange (cuttings/seeds/pots etc), the handling of any associated costs, and meeting any inter-state quarantine requirements. (For information on possible quarantine issues please see: http://www.interstatequarantine.org.au/producers/committees/quarantine-regulators)

Our system places a limit such that, for each member, the number of Offers plus Requests must not exceed 10, with a maximum of 5 Requests if you make no Offers. When the limit is reached you will not be able to make any further offer or request without first removing one from your lists.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you delete old requests and offers that no longer apply. However, please note that to keep the Plant Share database up-to-date all requests/offers over one year old will be removed automatically but you will be notified by email that this has happened.

We endeavour to protect the identity of site users but when an offer to supply a plant is made through the Plant Share facility the users involved will need to communicate directly with each other to make arrangements for sending the plants. To enable this to take place your first name, email address and postcode will be sent to the other party. If you are seeking a plant you may also receive offers from businesses selling the same item but the businesses will not be provided with your contact details. iGarden will not be held liable for any incidental, or consequential damages which may arise through the furnishing, performance or use of the plant share facility.

Copyright and disclaimer on Weather Information

The weather forecast and historical records are based on information that has been kindly provided by, and is copyright to, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Please note that weather information on this site :

For detailed information and uptodate warnings please refer directly to the bureau web site: here

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