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Hello and welcome to iGarden. Anyone who knows me will know that I am 'The Compulsive Gardener' - I love everything about gardening.

Allow me to share some of my enthusiasm and interests in gardening with a focus on the plants I know best and those that do especially well in my own Sydney garden.

This is more than just about plants: it's also about the people involved in gardening; their books and gardens; planting schemes; choosing appropriate plant types; colour selection... There is plenty to think and read about in iGarden.

So, while you are here, enjoy all my blogs, have a browse through my list of Plants and don't forget to check out the Discussion Forums, Marketplace, Garden Ramble and your local Gardening Events.

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"A feast of berries"

Berry-bearing plants can bring colour into our autumn and early winter gardens.

Autumn and early winter can bring a rich feast of berries to our gardens, along with flocks of birds to gorge themselves upon them. The flash of colourful plumage and the comical calls of many of the parrot species seen in Sydney gardens, along with the melodic presence of sleek currawongs, add a unique dimension to our landscape at this time of year. Like autumn-foliage trees, berried plants are best purchased locally and when in fruit to ensure a desirable specimen. Stems of berries provid ... Read On »

June in my garden

What's in bloom

See the full list of what's flowering in my garden this month. Here »

Jobs to do

Though the weather is cold, there are lots of jobs to be done in the garden in June! Read More »

My Gardening Tip of the month

Sasanqua camellias can be pruned now (once they finish flowering, of course!) if you are using them as a hedge, want them to be more dense, or want to train them into a tree-like form by selectively removing branches.

My Plant Reference

My current garden is located in one of Sydney's northern suburbs so my focus is naturally on what does well here. I have grown over 291 different plant varieties that are all described in this reference.
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Discussion Forums Recent Item

"Garden Problems" forum topic: "How hard to grow palm trees?"

Desy Serona asks:
 Can you give me how long or difficult when I grow palm trees?

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