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Hello and welcome to iGarden. Anyone who knows me will know that I am 'The Compulsive Gardener' - I love everything about gardening.

Allow me to share some of my enthusiasm and interests in gardening with a focus on the plants I know best and those that do especially well in my own Sydney garden.

This is more than just about plants: it's also about the people involved in gardening; their books and gardens; planting schemes; choosing appropriate plant types; colour selection... There is plenty to think and read about in iGarden.

So, while you are here, enjoy all my blogs, have a browse through my list of Plants and don't forget to check out the Discussion Forums, Marketplace, Garden Ramble and your local Gardening Events.

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"Embracing summer"

These plants love heat!

Around this time of year, certain plants that have been waiting patiently for warmer weather to kick in, start to strut their stuff and become an important presence in my garden. The Sydney climate is such that our mild winter enables many semitropical plants to survive, even though they may look quite woebegone for a while. Luckily, we can be distracted by the many lovely spring-blooming specimens that do well in our region. Once these are over, the semitropical ones can take centre stage and p ... Read On »

November in my garden

What's in bloom

See the full list of what's flowering in my garden this month. Here »

Jobs to do

November is one of the prettiest months of the year in our Sydney gardens. Read More »

My Gardening Tip of the month

As spring-flowering perennials cease blooming, their stems can be cut back. Spring annuals can finally be pulled out, and replaced with summer-flowering ones. Keep your daylilies deadheaded, by snapping off the spent blooms regularly. The plants will look a lot better if you do this.

My Plant Reference

My current garden is located in one of Sydney's northern suburbs so my focus is naturally on what does well here. I have grown over 282 different plant varieties that are all described in this reference.
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