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The wonderful Belrose Nursery is having a closing-down sale from now until 14 June.
The garden created by Wendy Whiteley in Lavender Bay in Sydney, is a semi-tropical oasis, using plants that thrive in our climate.
A day at the fair   18Apr10
The annual Collectors' Plant Fair at Bilpin is a wonderful opportunity to find new plants and meet up with gardening friends.
A walk in the bush   23May10
This week saw me walking through the bush, an experience which took me back to my childhood.
A stroll through a tropical rainforest gave me some ideas for Sydney gardens.
I spent a pleasant morning in the garden at Eryldene.
An afternoon visiting gardens brings delight and inspiration.
A weekend in the country reminds me of valuable gardening lessons.
This weekend I discovered a new nursery and found some plant treasures there.
A living tapestry   28Nov10
A garden border combining a mixed planting of different groundcovers forms a living tapestry.
I recently spent a happy day wandering in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.
I spent a very wet Saturday at the Collectors' Plant Fair!
Exotic leaves   08May11
Meet a plant family with amazing foliage.
Bella Umbria   11Jun11
My stay amidst an Italian garden!
My visit to a 16th century Italian garden in Viterbo.
An amazing 16th century garden.
Back to nature   21Aug11
This is the best time to see wildflowers in the bush.
Survival tactics   02Oct11
A trip to the country shows the tenacity of some tough plants.
This garden has all the elements of a cottagey style.
Autumn can be one of the best times of the year in the garden in Sydney!
A hidden gem   13May12
The garden at Government House in Sydney is well worth visiting.
I recently paid a visit to a Sydney Begonia nursery.
Holiday snaps   05Aug12
My recent holiday in north Queensland rekindled my gardening enthusiasm!
Last week I visited a wonderful native plant garden.
Sharing the secret   02Sep12
Last week I visited the Secret Garden & Nursery at Richmond.
The visitation   23Sep12
A garden club ramble to my place spurred me into action.
A visit to the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney gives ideas for spring plantings.
The Growing Friends' Nursery is a gem for Sydney gardeners.
Last week I revisited the fascinating nursery run by Kerry Mitchell at Kurrajong.
My sister's lovely garden provided inspiration for my blog.
A tropical oasis   17Mar13
A visit to an amazing tropical garden in Sydney
A very worthy cause   14Apr13
Meet a Lane Cove couple who are holding a giant plant sale to raise funds for the cancer cause.
The fun of the fair   21Apr13
Last weekend I attended the Collectors' Plant Fair at Clarendon, NSW.
My day at Chelsea   17Jun13
Recently I attended the Chelsea Flower Show in London for the first time.
During my recent holiday, I visited an amazing Italian garden.
Garden rivalry   30Jun13
Two amazing gardens on Lake Como resulted from political rivalry.
My sister's open garden in Seaforth provides ideas for compact spaces.
Icons of spring   15Sep13
Now is the time to visit spring gardens!
A new fair   29Sep13
This weekend, I visited a new plant fair on the Central Coast.
Some kitchen gardens in Victoria have inspired me.
I recently visited a Sydney garden with wonderful use of colour.
Inspiration from two city gardens.
Off to the fair   13Apr14
The 2014 Collectors' Plant Fair was another success.
In Monet's garden   10Aug14
I visited Monet's garden in July.
I visited Tulip Time in Bowral.
Garden crawl   28Sep14
Visiting gardens can be inspiring.
In Linda's garden   02Nov14
Linda has created an exuberant garden in Sydney.
I have learned much from the Sydney Botanic Garden.
In Nancy's garden   19Apr15
I visit a Sydney garden with a diversity of plants.
Colours of Orange   26Apr15
Orange NSW has great autumn colours.
Visiting gardens   07Jun15
Gardeners love to visit other gardens!
New treasures   27Sep15
I visited the Plant Lovers Fair on Sunday.
A book about this garden is now available.
I visited some NSW country gardens.
I visited a lovely garden on the South Coast.
Autumn swoon   03Apr16
Early autumn is one of the best times of the year!
Another great fair   10Apr16
I visited the 11th Collectors Plant Fair.
I visited a tiny garden utopia in the city.
Kimberley icons   12Jun16
A holiday always reveals new plants!
Lure of the truffle   03Jul16
Truffle fungi have a complex relationship with tree hosts.
I visited a fab new 'green' project.
Secret Garden and Nursery will be moving!
Planting Dreams   04Sep16
Gardens star in two new exhibitions in Sydney!
A good find   13Nov16
I visited a delightful nursery this week.
Begonia plants are perfect for Sydney.
A community of gardeners is a wonderful thing.
Autumn rambling   07May17
I visited some lovely local gardens on Sunday.
Painting nature   21May17
Natural history illustrations by the Scott sisters are on display.
I visit some Blue Mountains gardens.
In Ivy Alley   29Oct17
I found a delightful nursery in Hunters Hill!
I visit the New Secret Garden & Nursery.
A Hobart gem   01Apr18
The botanic garden in Hobart is a joy.
Three gardens will be open on Friday.
I revisit the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.
I visit two gardens in full bloom!
Dream garden   14Apr19
I visit the garden of my dreams.
Oh, Canada!   21Jul19
A journey in flowers.
Homage to an island   04Aug19
My visit to Prince Edward Island.
This park in Sydney is unique.
I recently revisited this gem in the CBD.