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October sees the blooming of some dramatic South African bulbs as the early spring varieties fade.
Acanthus and kin   24Nov08
My parents gave me Acanthus mollis for my first garden on the basis it couldn't be killed.
Summer belles   07Jan09
Bulbs and rhizomes bring a fresh touch to what can be a jaded garden on Sydneys hot days
Surprising bulbs   11Mar09
Late summer and early autumn can hold some delightful surprises.
Autumn daisies   10May09
I always think of spring as being when daisies are in bloom, but there are quite a few members of the Asteraceae family which appear now.
I have recently discovered this congenial group of flowering plants, which has some excellent shade-loving specimens.
Amazing Amaryllids   30Aug09
There are some dramatic bulbs from the Amaryllidaceae family which bloom in late winter/early spring in Sydney.
Some robust little shrubs are in bloom.
Mistaken identities   07Mar10
There are several plants in bloom at the moment that are often thought to be Salvias.
The dramatic foliage plants known as elephant's ears belong to a family sometimes called the aroids.
This plant family has some exotic members, and they are well suited to our climate.
Summer vines   16Jan11
There are some pretty summer-flowering climbers adding colour to our gardens at the moment.
Strange flowers   03Apr11
I have a fascination for weird and wonderful blooms!
I recently spent a happy day wandering in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.
Beautiful bracts   18Sep11
Flowers comprised chiefly of bracts make a long-lasting garden display.
An amazing wall   20Nov11
A retaining wall has been transformed into a glowing border.
I have a passion for a plant family very suited to Sydney.
Lavish leaves   04Mar12
The continuing wet weather has seen foliage flourish.
Diverse Euphorbia   01Jul12
The huge genus Euphorbia has many varied forms!
Borage and kin   26Aug12
The herb borage has some easily grown relatives.
Plant connections   07Apr13
Finding relation-ships between plants can be an exciting aspect of gardening.
Our gardens can be full of colour through summer.
Helpful creatures   11Jan15
There is much we can do to attract beneficial insects to our gardens.
Meet the Apiaceae family.
Prairie-dwellers   31Jan16
Some summer stars from the North American prairies.
Returning home   07Feb16
The garden went wild in my absence.
Tough beauties   21Feb16
Meet an interesting plant family.
Plant puzzles   01May16
I love solving plant puzzles!
Family spires   30Oct16
Flowers on spires are a delight.
Quirky characters   29Jan17
I am enjoying some unusual plants at the moment.
Various forms of ginger are in my garden!
Meet an interesting plant family.
Some easy-to-grow plants are in flower!
Some ideas for dry shade.
I still love this plant family!
Orchids in gardens   01Sep19
Orchids are in bloom!
Amazing daisies   06Oct19
The daisy family is huge!
We may not be able to grow massed displays of tulips in our climate, but try some of these South African corms instead.