Plectranthus Coral Cloud

Plectranthus Coral Cloud

Plectranthus hail from warm temperate to tropical areas of the world and grow in shadier parts of the garden under trees in very ordinary soil where many plants do not thrive. They grow quickly and are tolerant of drought and root-competition.

Plectranthus 'Coral Cloud' appears to have been developed from Plectranthus fruticosus, an upright shrubby plant from South Africa. 'Coral Cloud' forms a compact shrub 50-100 cm tall with attractive serrated-edged leaves and dark stems. It has spires of dainty pink flowers throughout autumn. It makes a good companion to shrub and cane Begonia and Justicia carnea in shady spots.

Plectranthus Coral Cloud in the garden of Carolyn Hughes in Sydney

The stems should be cut back fairly hard after flowering (or in early spring in cooler areas if there is the risk of frosts). The plant dislikes hard frosts, but if grown under a canopy of trees, will usually be well protected from milder frosts. It enjoys being mulched and fed occasionally. It is very easily propagated from cuttings in spring and autumn. All Plectranthus need to be replaced by new cuttings every so often as they get a bit straggly after a few years. I don't find this is as strong a grower as some of my other Plectranthus.

Flowers in March, April.