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Hello and welcome to iGarden. Anyone who knows me will know that I am 'The Compulsive Gardener' - I love everything about gardening.

Allow me to share some of my enthusiasm and interests in gardening. This is more than just about plants: it's also about the people involved in gardening; their books and gardens; planting schemes; choosing appropriate plant types; colour selection... There is plenty to think and read about in iGarden with a focus on the plants I know best and those that do especially well in my garden in Sydney.

While you are here enjoy my latest blog, have a browse through my list of Plants and other articles and don't forget to check out the Discussion Forums, my Marketplace, the member Garden Ramble and Plant Share and your local Events, Nurseries and Weather.

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"Winter charmers"  - My Latest Blog

Flowering bulbs can cheer up cold days.

Despite my daring talk of culling plants and streamlining my garden, there is one group that I will never get rid of and that comprises the dainty winter-blooming bulbs that brighten and cheer my soul at this cold time. We would probably not even notice them if they flowered in the middle of summer when far bolder divas take centre stage. But when much of the ... Read On »

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Garden Ramble - Latest addition: Ros's Garden

Ros: "Biandar, a rainforest garden. Biandar is situated in the hills behind Byron Bay. A remnant of sub-tropical rainforest adjoins the house on the northern and western sid ... Ramble »

June in my garden

What's out: Here's what is flowering in my garden this month. Read More »
Things to do: Though the weather is cold, there are lots of jobs to be done in the garden in June! Read More »

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Abutilon x hybridum
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Tradescantia pallida

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