Plant Description

Kalanchoe pumila

Kalanchoe pumila Quicksilver

A member of the Crassulaceae family and hailing from Madagascar, Kalanchoe pumila 'Quicksilver' is a trailing plant with stunning silver leaves and pretty mauve-pink flowers in late winter and spring. It can be grown beneath spring-flowering shrubs or amongst early bulbs.

It prefers a well-drained soil in a lightly shaded position (although it does seem to cope with full sun). Trim back after flowering, and renew from a cutting every few years. It is frost tender. It forms a pretty groundcover with Tradescantia zebrina, as illustrated at left.

This easy-to-grow and undemanding succulent grows very well in a pot, and will cascade over the sides to a considerable length, as show in the stylish container illustrated in the photo below left!


Kalanchoe pumila
Flowers from August to November.
Plant Family: Crassulaceae

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