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Fuchsia Gerhada's Panache

Fuchsia Gerhadas Panache

This robust shrub has been grown from cuttings amongst my gardening friends for a number of years. It has the typical Fuchsia triphylla flower form of a long thin tube, flared at the end, in a lovely rose hue. My specimen grows to about 1.5 m. Investigating its parentage, I have discovered that it was bred in the Netherlands by Herman de Graaff (registered in 2003), and it has a complex background that does include the species Fuchsia triphylla but also Fuchsia paniculata (which appears to be very similar to Fuchsia arborescens) and some other Fuchsia species. It grows best in filtered light and basically blooms all year. I prune it every so often to neaten it up.


Fuchsia Gerhada's Panache
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers all year.
Plant Family: Onagraceae

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