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Salvia Pink Icicles

Salvia Pink Icicles

This been somewhat of a surprise plant, as it has soared to over 2.5m in height in its build-up to its autumn/winter blooming period - till then it was around 1.2m tall. It has flowers of soft pink - not a hue often seen in Salvia blooms, which usually come in much brighter shades of pink. An involucrata-type plant, it was a seedling discovered in Australia - as many new introductions have been, including its long-flowering cousin Salvia involucrata 'Joan'.

It could be a good companion for some sort of Camellia or the autumn-blooming tree daisy, Montanoa. Grow in a sunny position. Cut it back in late winter and fertilise at the same time. It might be beneficial to also prune back hard in early summer to control its size. Propagate from cuttings taken in spring or autumn.

Postscript: I have reluctantly decided to take this plant out. I just find it too big and straggly. I will miss its pretty flowers. Those with big gardens should try it!

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