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Salvia sinaloensis

Salvia sinaloensis

This is a low-growing plant from Mexico with one of the bluest of all Salvia flowers. It spreads by underground runners to form a thick, ground-covering clump (though I don't regard it as invasive). The dainty flowers appear on upright stems (ht 25 cm) in summer. The leaves can take on purplish tints if grown in full sun, but it does also do well in light shade. It appreciates watering during dry times. It makes a good underplanting for yellow or lime-green blooms, such as those of Kniphofia 'Lime Glow' or Justicia brandegeeana, or for roses. Propagation is by detaching rooted pieces from the edge of the clump and potting them on. It can be grown in a pot. Prune by one-third to a half in May. It copes with light frost.

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Salvia sinaloensis
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers January and February.
Plant Family: Lamiaceae

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