Plant Description

Raphanus raphanistrum

Radishes growing in a pot

The French or salad radish (Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. sativus, ht 20 cm) is an annual root crop in the mustard family that can be grown all year round in Sydney. Radishes grow quickly and are a welcome addition to salads or sandwiches; they can also be roasted. Sow them direct into the ground or pot every few weeks for continuous cropping. They can also be sown between slower-maturing crops, as they are ready in four to six weeks. They are best picked before they get too large. Keep the plants well watered, so they grow quickly. They grow well in a sunny spot but will also perform quite well in light shade, especially if grown during the warmer months.


Raphanus raphanistrum
Plant Family: Brassicaceae

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