Plant Description

Poa labillardieri

Poa labillardieri Suggan Buggan with dwarf Watsonia

There is an excellent cultivar of this Australian native grass, called 'Suggan Buggan' (ht 80cm), which has lovely slim blue-grey leaves and dainty panicles of flowers in the same hue. It looks effective teamed with a broad silvery leafed plant such as Plectranthus argentatus, or white or very dark blooms.

Ornamental grasses bring a unique dimension to the garden with their graceful movement in the breeze and their simple elegance, unique linear texture and arching form. They can be used as a focal point in a border, or repeated amongst plantings to create a unifying effect through the garden. The foliage provides an excellent contrast to big bold leaves or rounded shrubs.

Give this plant a well-drained situation and cut back hard in autumn or early spring. Propagation is by division of the clump.


Poa labillardieri
Plant Family: Poaceae

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