Plant Description

Microsorum pustulatum

Native fern, possibly Microsorum pustulatum

Microsorum species are robust ferns with bold, divided foliage that is quite dramatic, often with decorative raised 'pimples' along the length of the fronds. The one I grow is, I think, Microsorum pustulatum (ht 50 cm), sometimes called kangaroo fern, a native species found in rainforests. It grows from a creeping rhizome forming an impressive clump, and thus is an excellent filler. This fern grows best in full or partial shade. Like most ferns, it enjoys a moist, well-drained soil, rich in organic matter. However, they can tolerate some dryness once established, especially if mulched well. They will appreciate the occasional deep soaking in summer and a spray of water over its foliage every so often. They can be grown in a pot. This fern is frost sensitive. Propagation is by dividing the rhizomes in autumn or winter.

I'd love to know the proper name if I have this wrong here! One alternative possibility is Phymatosorus diversiflorus.


Microsorum pustulatum
Plant Family: Polypodiaceae

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