Plant Description

Kniphofia sarmentosa

Kniphofia sarmentosa

This is a clump-forming rhizomatous perennial from South Africa. Kniphofia are tough plants, which like to grow in full sun. They tolerate drought, though don't mind some occasional moisture and mulch in general. However, this one is apparently very drought tolerant. This one flowers in winter and has fairly tidy blue-green foliage and 1m-tall spikes of coral-coloured buds which open to become yellow flowers. After flowering, the foliage can be cut back to about 15cm to keep it neat. The clumps are easy to divide in spring to produce more plants.

Postscript: my specimen eventually died due to a fungal disease in very wet weather - I think the drainage was not good enough for it.


Kniphofia sarmentosa
Suitable for Cut Flowers.
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers June and July.
Plant Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae

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