Plant Description

Kalanchoe hildebrandtii

Kalanchoe hilderbrandtii in rusty container created by Jill Fraumeni, from the garden of Sandra Wilson in Sydney

This is a shrubby succulent (ht 1 m) with large, fleshy, oval leaves, in a hue of sheeny, silvery grey, on long curved stems, giving rise to its colloquial name of silver spoons. Established plants will produce a tall stem topped with tiny, white, bell-shaped flowers. This plant is best in a sunny, well-drained spot to produce the best-coloured foliage, but can be grown in part-shade. It can be grown in a container with free-draining potting mix. It is frost sensitive. It should not be over-watered, especially in winter. Feed in spring with a slow-acting fertiliser. It can be propagated from stem or leaf cuttings.

A similar plant is Kalanchoe bracteata, with more pointed foliage and reddish flowers.


Kalanchoe hildebrandtii
Plant Family: Crassulaceae

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