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Hemizygia obermeyerae

Hemizygia obermeyerae in the garden of Sue Dakin in Sydney

This is a rarely seen shrub, sometimes called the pink mist bush, which has been handed around between keen gardeners in Sydney for many years. I had tried it previously but hadn't had much luck with it, but in its current position, it is thriving and it seems that it likes a hot, sunny spot and doesn't want to be overwatered or crowded by other plants. It gets to about 60 cm tall. I grow it with various hybrids and cultivars of compact Salvia microphylla. It is quite drought tolerant. It flowers for many months during the warmer part of the year; occasional deadheading will promote new blooms. It hails from South Africa. I prune it in mid-August. It grows from cuttings. It is frost sensitive but will probably recover all right once warmer weather returns. A cultivar with white-variegated leaves is striking; it is possibly 'Candy Kisses'.

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Hemizygia obermeyerae
Flowers from November to May.
Plant Family: Lamiaceae

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