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Haemanthus albiflos

Haemanthus albiflos

This South African bulb belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family of plants and thrives in the Sydney climate. It has broad, fleshy leaves which lie flat on the ground and produces unusual white flowers with a mass of stamens, resembling a brush (ht 20-30cm). It is sometimes called the shaving brush plant! It can look quirky grown beneath a white Camellia japonica with a central mass of similar stamens, such as 'Lovelight'!

It seems to grow quite well in shade. It enjoys water and feeding when in active growth, but should be kept drier when dormant. It is said to multiply quite quickly to form a clump. It flowers in mid-winter in my garden and I like the juxtaposition of the flowers with the white-edged foliage of variegated honesty (Lunaria annua var. albiflora 'Alba Variegata') and the variegated form of Iris japonica. Snails can damage the bulb's leaves, so should be watched out for. If the leaves are hiding the flowers, I sometimes cut the foliage back a bit so the blooms can be better displayed. The old leaves can get a bit tatty, in any case.


Haemanthus albiflos
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers from June to July.
Plant Family: Amaryllidaceae

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