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Geranium Rozanne

Geranium Rozanne

I have tried to grow many species Geranium specimens in my time, and have failed with most of them. This fantastic cultivar (ht 50 cm) has been my biggest success story, as it has vigour and copes well with Sydney's climate. It is a cross between G. wallichianum 'Buxton's Variety' and G. himalayense but is regarded as much more robust than either of its parents. Geranium cultivar 'Jolly Bee' is now regarded as being so similar to this one that its name has become a synonym for 'Rozanne'.

It dies back to the ground in winter in my garden, reappearing in spring and beginning to flower by late September, with beautiful clear blue flowers of the classic Geranium type. It flowers on and off through summer and autumn, with a sprawling habit, weaving its way through other plants. It needs sun and reasonable, well-drained soil to do its best. It is apparently possible to divide the plant up in winter to increase one's stock, but I have never been game to do so.

I like it growing nearby dainty Salvia chiapensis, as the colour combination of cerise and blue is one of my favourites. It is also pretty with silver foliage (such as that of Plectranthus argentatus). It could look wonderful cascading from an urn. 'Rozanne' was announced as the Plant of the Century by the UK's Royal Horticultural Society in 2013, during their centenary celebrations.

This plant is attractive to many insects, including some species of bees.


Geranium Rozanne
Flowers from September to May.
Plant Family: Geraniaceae

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