Plant Description

Doodia aspera

Doodia aspera has beautifully coloured new foliage in spring

Doodia aspera, the prickly rasp fern, is a terrestrial, evergreen, native fern that is found in the wild alongside creek banks in rainforests. Its stiff fronds grow 20-40 cm in length, in the shape of a fishbone, and in spring they are beautifully hued in tints of pink or reddish-orange. It expands by horizontal runners that take root, to form a clump. Like all ferns, it is also propagated by spores. Doodia aspera will grow in deep or partial shade, but can tolerate some sun. It likes a moist, well-drained soil, rich in organic matter, but can put up with some dryness once established, especially if mulched well. It will appreciate the occasional deep soaking in summer and a spray of water over its foliage every so often. It can be grown in a pot or a basket. It is sensitive to frost. Propagation is by division of the runners.


Doodia aspera
Plant Family: Blechinaceae

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