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Carex oshimensis

Carex oshimensis Everillo in the garden of Jill Hankinson in Sydney

The genus Carex belong to a group of plants known as sedges, that look like ornamental grasses but they are not true grasses and belong to a separate family known as Cyperaceae. Most of the cultivated sedges are Carex, and there are more than 2,000 species. A number of them grow very well in Sydney gardens.

This rhizomatous species from Japan has several good cultivars, with the added bonus of being able to grow well in part-shade: 'Everillo' (ht 45 cm), which has gorgeous golden-lime leaves in an arching clump. 'Evergold' (ht 30 cm) has narrow, creamy-yellow foliage with a dark-green edge. These plants look effective as single specimens providing contrast to other foliage forms or massed as an edging along a path. They also look superb in pots. They need some moisture to be seen at their best. The flower spikes are not showy. They are reasonably frost resistant. Dead leaves can be removed periodically. It is best to allow these plants room around them, perhaps with only groundcovers growing nearby, so they don't get crowded and lose their shape.


Carex oshimensis
Plant Family: Cyperaceae

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