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Salvia guaranitica Large Form

This bushy perennial salvia has proved an excellent long bloomer in my garden, from late spring until early winter. It has rich, electric-blue flowers on a shrub about 1.3 m tall. It is a non-invasive form, unlike other forms of this species; it may in fact be a separate species, but this is unknown at the moment. It is pretty with any other flower colour: white, yellow, orange, pink, cerise, lime (such as Nicotiana langsdorffii) as well as lime or gold foliage, either plain or variegated. It is best in full sun, but in hot areas it will enjoy some afternoon shade. Cut the old woody stems back to the ground in late winter. It is sensitive to hard frosts.

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Salvia guaranitica Large Form
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers from October to June.
Plant Family: Lamiaceae

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