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A community of gardeners is a wonderful thing.
Sunday, 05 March 2017     

The Cottage Garden Club meeting, Epping, Sydney on 4 March 2017

Twenty-five years ago this May, something quite wonderful happened in the gardening world in Sydney. A woman with amazing energy and vision, by the name of Sue Perkins, created the Cottage Garden Club and spread the word that a meeting would be held in a church hall in Epping. My small circle of gardening friends was very excited and we turned up on the day. For me, it was the first time I had left my baby daughter for more than a few hours so it was a big outing! Hundreds of other keen gardeners converged on the church hall and a community was born: a community of Sydney gardeners. Of course, we all knew a few other gardeners, but the Cottage Garden Club hugely enlarged our circle of kindred spirits and forged lifelong friendships.

Four times a year, ever since, we have turned up to meetings, to revel in a variety of fabulous stalls selling unusual and interesting plants not attainable in mainstream nurseries; gardening books; and gardening-related paraphernalia, such as sturdy plant supports, beautiful greetings cards, bird houses and much more. Members can sell their own plants, giving 10 percent commission to the club. On the front steps of the hall, people leave excess plants, bulbs or seeds from their own gardens as give-aways to other members. So very many of the plants in my garden have been obtained from the club meetings.

The meetings showcase three or four speakers each time, and over the quarter-century we have heard some superb talks on a wide array of topics and learned so much about gardening and enriched our knowledge. Some of my favourite speakers over the years have been Rob Willis from the erstwhile Belrose Nursery, the ever-entertaining Mary Moody, Michael Cooke, Peter Valder and Elma Webb. At the most recent meeting, this past weekend, one of the speakers was Marianne Farrar, from the Secret Garden & Nursery at Richmond NSW, an establishment I have mentioned several times in my blogs: a not-for-profit horticultural organisation offering a supportive and educational environment for people with a range of abilities, providing them with many experiences and opportunities, including an invaluable sense of purpose, social connections and skills . The nursery, open to the public, sells a wide range of interesting plants suited to the Sydney climate, many of them propagated by the centre's clients. A selection of the plants was on sale at the Cottage Garden Club on Saturday. The big news from the Secret Garden & Nursery, as I alluded to in a blog last year, is that they will be moving to their new premises at Clydesdale Lane, Richmond (on the grounds of Western Sydney University, entry via Londonderry Road).

The new site is much bigger than the current one and some stunning buildings have been constructed. There will even be a cafe and children's playground, complete with a castle! The quirkiness of the original nursery will be retained and the garden plants will be dug up and taken to the new site. I was pleased to hear that all the resident animals, including the pigs, will be transported to the new location! Just like the Cottage Garden Club, the Secret Garden & Nursery has created a magical sense of community, with its staff, volunteers, clients and visitors, and it is a unique place.

As well as the quarterly meetings, the Cottage Garden Club has regular outings to gardens around Sydney, as well as numerous trips away, within NSW, interstate and overseas, to visit fantastic gardens and garden events, such as the Chelsea Flower Show. Each meeting in Epping is like stepping for a day into another world: being with souls who totally understand our obsession with plants and gardens. I have met so many delightful people through the club, and part of the joy of attending the meetings is to catch up with old friends. I feel as if I have finally found my 'clan' in life and the older I get, the more important that seems to me!

 Reader Comments

1/6  Janice - 2067 (Zone:10 - Warm Temperate) Monday, 06 March 2017

My grateful thanks for this week"s blog. Sue & Mike Perkin"s vision and passion twenty five years ago opened up a world until then I thought only existed in the U.K. Their creation, the Cottage Garden Club, through their hard work and unrelenting passion has flourished and we are the beneficiaries. Jan Thanks, Jan. It has been wonderful to have this club in our lives. Deirdre

2/6  Margaret - 2122 (Zone:10 - Warm Temperate) Monday, 06 March 2017

Fantastic blog - Sue is such a marvellous organiser, and I have gained much pleasure and knowledge from belonging to the club, as well as meeting new friends, and being able to attend many outings, to exciting places. Perhaps there will be an influx of new members! I am happy to participate in the survey. Thanks, Margaret. It is certainly a great way to meet other gardeners and learn about our hobby! Deirdre

3/6  Brian - 4552 (Zone:10 - Warm Temperate) Monday, 06 March 2017

How true, our Garden Club in Maleny is 65 years young this year and will celebrate its 13th consecutive "Gardening on the Edge" event in June. Prior to that 52 years of making Floral carpets for the Autumn Fair. We also have a "Sip-n-Snip" morning each month at one of our members homes where the members wander around the host/hostesses and are given cuttings of things from that garden they might not have in their own. Friendship through gardens. Wonderful. Sounds great, Brian. What a long history your club has. Deirdre

4/6  Gil - 2037 (Zone:10 - Warm Temperate) Tuesday, 07 March 2017

Great blog, Deirdre. Those quarterly Saturdays are a bit like a smaller and more diffuse Collectors Plant Fair, which of course is only on once a year. Each meeting buzzes with smiling, talking gardeners from all walks of life with one common interest: getting their fingers in the life-giving soil! Yes, it is a great day each time. Deirdre

5/6  Robin - 2121 (Zone:10 - Warm Temperate) Tuesday, 07 March 2017

I met a delightful person called Deirdre at Cottage Garden Club in February 2010. Thank you for welcoming me, Deirdre when I was alone and totally intimidated by the crowd of members. Now I enjoy the meetings and appreciate the wealth of speakers and plants. If your readers attend future Cottage Garden Club meetings please watch for those who are standing alone atlunch! They may appreciate a welcoming smile and a chat about their garden.Gardening is about people and plants. Great blog. Gosh, Robyn, I cannot believe it is seven years ago since that day! It is very true: gardening is about both people and plants. Thanks for your kind words. Deirdre

6/6  Margaret - 2122 (Zone:10 - Warm Temperate) Monday, 05 March 2018

Plaudits to you, Deirdre, for mentioning the Cottage Garden Club, and also to Sue and Mike. Sue is a bundle of energy and an extremely good organiser, of meetings and trips. I have been a member almost since the Club"s inception and am thankful for the friends I have made there, the huge variety of plants available to purchase and the entertaining and informative speakers. Thanks, Margaret. The club has been great. Deirdre

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