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  • Australian Natives 11 Topics
    Does anyone have seed they can share? I"m keen to plant a bit of this in my shady Brisbane garden. C... 3
    I would like to be able to exchange SEEDS as postage problems sometimes make it difficult to mail p... 2
    What treatment if any is available for Grevillia root rot? Plant has been growing and flowering wel... 1
    Wondering if anyone has cycads in their gardens, tips on how they successfully grew them and care in... 5
    Hi all, five years since moving to the NSW mid north coast I"ve finally found a native nursery which... 4
    i bought a peony plant last year ,i had a few leaves on it and this year it has just got a couple of... 3
    I have some Kangaroo Paw from "Bush Gems" which were planted in the garden and bloomed for a couple... 4
    What is the best fertilizer for Grevilleas? ... 1
    Does anyone know whether correas like a dry shady spot and are they hard to grow? ... 3
    Hello, I have a large (10 feet) fern tree which I think is a Dicksonia Antartica and on one of the ... 4
    Hi everybody, I"m planning to plant a few cordyline petiolaris and cordyline stricta. Does anybody ... 2
  • Bulbs 9 Topics
    I would like to naturalise daffodils in my garden - in western Sydney (hot summers, getting hotter, ... 3
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful "Editors" entry. I will be needing to do some editing o... 5
    Bought this bulb as a large white cactus Dahlia. Im not convince... 1
    This is a photo of my Scadoxus in Feb 2013 ... 5
    Good morning, I have had a wonderful show of my Snowflakes (Leucojum) this year and was wondering wh... 4
    Here are photos of another specie in the Boophone family the Boophone disticha. The first photo ... 16
    Here is one of my Boophone Haemanthoides that flowered earlier this year. I am sure that I read ... 4
    I just joined this forum a few days ago and have to find my way around still. Firstly I have been gr... 14
    I have both the winter as well as the summer flowering Paramongaia weberbaueri. The summer growing b... 4
  • Colour Schemes 2 Topics
    I have a hot dry Sydney front garden and every year the yellow self seeded cosmos pops up again. On ... 4
    Hi Everyone. Not quite sure where this topic should go I guess it is along the line of colour scheme... 6
  • Compost & Soils 5 Topics
    Mulch, menure and compost contain various microorganisms. When mulch/compost/menure is added to the ... 1
    Hi fellow gardeners, does any one have experience using gum leaves as mulch? How thick, does it add ... 1
    I just retired, so, let the gardening commence.... I have a garden with pottery quality wet clay ... 4
    Ccould anyone tell me how long I should leave shredded mulch before I can use it in the garden? The... 4
    Hi, We have bought a house on a third of an acre, to the north of Sydney, NSW. There is a re... 3
  • Container Gardening 5 Topics
    How should I care for a philanopsis orchid.It has 2 small white flowers which are whithered. Also wh... 1
    Does anyone know where to source small terracotta pots that don"t cost the earth? Size approximately... 2
    Can someone please help. I have several Clivias and the roots h... 6
    I am looking for suggestions for a good vigorous climber to grow long term in a container. I want t... 6
    Hello, I am wondering if there are any thoughts as to where you can find "interesting" terracotta p... 5
  • Edible Plants 4 Topics
    Does anybody know if French Tarragon will grow in Sydney? I have read that it dislikes humidity. Re... 3
    I love munching raw capsicums. Today I picked a huge red capsicum & took a big bite. A couple of hou... 1
    I have a vegi bed with cucumbers, pumpkins, tomatoes, capsium to name a few. Some of the flowers/lea... 3
    I have a wonderful crop of small tomatoes but they are bitter. Can I do anything about this. I re... 1
  • Foliage Plants 1 Topic 
    This afternoon I decided to bite the bullet and create the box hedge along the side entry to our hou... 1
  • Gardening Books 1 Topic 
    Thought it might be a good idea to buy a garden book (new gardener)as know nothing, can you suggest ... 10
  • Garden Photos 4 Topics
    A picture of my Green Wall in flower. It is Pandorea pandorana... 4
    Have only had this beautiful Gaura for a couple of years and this... 2
    Flowering for me at this time of the year is Burbidgea schizocheila (Golden Brush Ginger) It make... 1
    Hi all here is a photo of my epiphyte tree.Do any other members grow epiphytes up their trees.More p... 7
  • Garden Problems 43 Topics
    Now that Confidor is banned what is a good alternative to controlling lacebug on azaleas? If there i... 0
    How is everyone coping with the coming level 2 water restrictions in Sydney? my drip irrigation syst... 1
    Hi I have quite a few Lomandra lime tuff grasses planted for... 1
    My Gardenia leaves went brown and yellow over night , they are... 1
    I have a large bed that gets full sun in summer and no sun at all in winter. I would like to plant ... 2
    My cane-stemmed Begonia flowers are falling off and there is li... 1
    Native violets are taking over many of my garden beds (in the shade). My question is will they act l... 2
    I get plenty of green caterpillars on a variety on plants from herbs to succulents! I can pick them ... 4
    G"day - sorry, I have just been lurking for a good while, but hopefully someone will be prepared to ... 3
    I"ve grown Clivia for years and have only had one problem with b... 2
    Without Lebaycid, what can I do about fruit fly? Producers can use it on crops, but home gardeners ... 1
    I have a large area of concrete wall which was beautifully covered with ficus pumila. Large areas of... 1
    I"m looking for a plant preferably a shrub to hide a fence that will grow in dense shade and near a ... 2
    Hi, I have a big lemon tree which has lots of gall from gall wasp. I know they are meant to be remov... 2
    Hi all, can someone please tell me if ALL ipomoea plants are invasive and weedy? My garden club has ... 4
    REcently we purchased a property in central victoria that was a fromer nursery. along one boundary ... 1
    Is there no one else from Perth that is a member? I lived in England for 20 years, Sydney for 7 ye... 1
    My purple flowering Salvia was covered in flowers last year but ... 2
    my weeping Camellia has been thriving but has a couple of shoo... 1
    My lawn (which is too large to dig up and returf) is a mess of different grasses and herbs. It looks... 2
    My lovely Geraniums have been attacked by caterpillars . they ... 2
    tomatoes planted next to onion weed in the garden beds will destroy the onion weed I usually just t... 2
    Hi, I am a transplant from NYC and have lived with my family here in Melbourne for 5 years. So it is... 2
    Does anybody know how I can stop birds from eating the new buds on my rose bushes? ... 1
    We have recently purchased some trellis to grow climbing plants up. My husband has just covered one ... 1
    Any suggestions for plants that like dry shade ?....along with the following site restrictions - (1)... 2
    My brave little azalea is coming into bloom but all its leaves are faded and spotty from what I beli... 1
    I"ve sprinkled dolomite on my garden killing some of the plants. Can someone tell me how to neutrali... 1
    Suggestions please for an important but horrendous situation. I need a pair of statement plants to b... 3
    I have a planter box on my upstairs balcony which I have been trying to grow some pansy seedlings in... 8
    Just a beginner (today in fact) but I have been given a cutting of 4
    I bought Salvia "Mystic Spires" last summer, captivated by the i... 3
    I have two large (1 metre across) Elkhorns and I have noticed lately that where the fronds come out ... 3
    I have a border edged with the lower growing Alstroemerias... 1
    Locally, we and our neighbours are experiencing a plague of rats. I have actually seen them in the g... 4
    Does anyone know a failsafe method for removing onion weed from the garden? Should you use poison fo... 5
    Despite summer"s humidity being far gone I am still experiencing rust on my fuschias, particularly t... 1
    I have 2 small Begonias that have broken out in white spots. Th... 1
    I have many succulents growing in clay pots,potting mix is a proprietry succulent/cacti mix.But ongo... 4
    Hi All, my garden seems to be a favourite hang out for some of the local cats. Lovely as they are I ... 12
    How do you tell when white louse scale are dead? I have a large mandarin (5m tall) that was infeste... 6
    This is the worst of the images. Newer leaves appear a bit better. I"ve been giving the tree "super... 5
    The front of my house, which is purplish grey in colour, faces north. The problem area is the bed un... 10
  • Handy Hints 3 Topics
    my azalea that I have had for 15 years is dying in different sections. I have cut the bits that had ... 1
    Hi i would love to know the best plants to put in my garden i have a blank canvas i would like to d... 2
    I would like to introduce you to a free mulch delivery service. Mulchnet has recently expanded to no... 1
  • Miscellaneous 5 Topics
    A suggested update. The iGarden profile of the "Lavender Trumpet Vine" - or 0
    This recently came up again on Gardening Australia. Does anyone know where I can get seeds for Par... 1
    Please can anyone tell me the name of this plant. I moved house and it has just come up in my front ... 4
    Dos anyone know of an app for my phone which will identify a plant from a photo. I have tried google... 2
    I would like to buy some of the bromeliads written about but my problem is this. In the major nurs... 1
  • Mystery Plants 28 Topics
    After five years, this plant in my garden (which I thought was a Doryanthes) flowered and seems to b... 2
    ... seen around the upper Blue Mountains, often naturalised on nature strips or in old neglected gar... 3
    Hello, Looking for some feedback as to identity of this pretty pink flower. Seems I"m only able to i... 2
    This has started growing in a hanging basket, next to an epiphyllum. Is it a plant or a weed? ... 4
    Grows into a small tree, flowering now in my Melbourne suburban garden, with white apple blossom typ... 9
    I had this lovely indoor plant back in 2009. I came across the photo the other day. I would like to ... 5
    Hi, I don"t remember planting this shrub it started growing in one of my pots. It hasn"t flowered ye... 5
    Sorry, I posted this on the forum, but inside some one elses topic. Anyway, here we go again. When ... 5
    Hi I was totally convinced of having planted a Senecio Dusty Miller which has yellow flowers but... 1
    We saw this plant in Tasmania recently. It also comes with markings on the leaves. ... 3
    Would anyone be able to identify this flower on a large shrub/tree. It was growing in Toowoomba area... 2
    Are you able to identify this plant? The comment from my local nursery was " don"t know what it is... 2
    I came across this magnificent tree at a very busy intersection in Neutral Bay. I asked as many loca... 5
    This pretty little Aster is currently flowering in my garden, but... 2
    I have a Begonia plant that I have only seen once before, and ... 2
    Does anyone know the cultivar name for the single pink weeping sasanqua 2
    Can anyone tell me the name of this yellow flowered plant growing in my friend"s garden in the Gold ... 2
    I am trying to source plants originating from northern NZ. There are a large range of stunning tropi... 1
    Very novice gardener! Could someone tell me what this is please....and how to control it! Thanks ... 2
    Inherited a garden that is rampant with these two plants/weeds (Plant 1&2). Would someone be so kin... 3
    This plant appears in my garden late spring to early summer and dies down over winter. It sends new... 2
    We have 2 huge Yucca/Agave like plants in our rocky north facing front garden - fairly moist & prote... 2
    I saw a beautiful succulent looking plant covered in prolific blooms. The flowers looked a bit like ... 6
    These grew from a bag of gifted mystery bulbs. Bulbs were small off white to yellow. Looked like imm... 4
    I have a tree growning in our garden and I don"t know what it is. It has leaves that look like a cr... 2
    This small plant came to me from my sister in laws garden as a small seedling plucked from growing i... 2
    My name is Marie ,a new member from Adelaide and I hope someone can identify this plant for me. My ... 2
    A reader, Helen, has this plant growing in her garden, as do I. It is a shrub about 3 m tall and has... 7
  • Perennials 4 Topics
    Hi all, I love Clematis and have just bought two viticella spe... 0
    I am ex Christchurch and had a large variety of Alstroemarias growing in my garden as they made wond... 2
    Hi everyone I have been looking for some of the not so common Aurms such as Arum creticum Arum orien... 2
    I would like to purchase some daylilies, and would like some feedback on which nurseries offer these... 3
  • Plant/Seed Swap
    No Topics yet.
  • Propagation Tips 2 Topics
    Just wondering if anyone has some tips on propagating this plant? Also what could be chewing holes ... 2
    Hi my name is joanne, i have a palonia ( hope that is how u spell it ) does anyone know when the bes... 3
  • Roses 6 Topics
    For years a Just Joey rose has bloomed bravely in my inner city (Melbourne) front garden. Its on the... 2
    how do I prune climbing roses ... 2
    In my new place there are some very old climbing roses that havent been pruned for years. The stems... 4
    Can anyone suggest roses which do well in Sydney and also have a good perfume. ... 2
    Would some one please let me know how they control Thrips in roses blooms. My roses become so infes... 2
    Does anyone know if the yellow rose of Texas (rosa harrisonii)was ever released in Australia? thank... 1
  • Shrubs 1 Topic 
    Could anyone tell me whether Magaskepasma and Justicia Carnea ... 2
  • Succulents 2 Topics
    Hi we live in North Queensland and have been collectors of adenium desert roses for many years now. ... 1
    Living in an area of extreme temperatures - over 40C in summer and often below zero in winter, plus ... 14
  • Tools 7 Topics
    I am planning to buy a retractable hose and reel, however, have read negative comments elsewhere abo... 0
    Hi all, I"m after any recommendations on a quality pair of secateurs. I dont mind spending what I h... 1
    After many years of struggling with rubbish secateurs I decided to splash out and buy some new Felc... 2
    Ok , so I have decided to become the biggest commercial plant grower in the Southern Hemisphere, may... 1
    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy metal plant supports in Australia? I want something strong en... 1
    I would appreciate any feedback about hedge trimmers. I"ve never used them, and am thinking about p... 2
    We have had a small electric mulcher for quite a few years but a while ago it reached the end of its... 9
  • Trees 1 Topic 
    Hi everyone. I want to create a woodland garden in Newcastle, NSW. I"ve read that woodlands have th... 1
  • Wildlife in the Garden 5 Topics
    I am trying to plant for native birds in my small inner east Melbourne garden. Birds are losing urba... 4
    ...caught munching the last of the bedding Salvia. Also ... 2
    Living close to a reserve we unfortunately find stray cats making their way to our garden. Does any... 2
    Does anyone know how I can deter bandicoots from our Brisbane garden? We recently replanted our ret... 1
    I live in an an area near the bush and my garden is being over-run with rabbits who are decimating m... 9