fruit fly

Started by IRENE - 2760 Monday, 18 January 2016

Without Lebaycid, what can I do about fruit fly? Producers can use it on crops, but home gardeners can"t.

Rosemary - 2320 Monday, 08 February 2016

There are a couple of types of lure that can be bought and hung in fruit trees. One is based on an attractant for the male fruit fly - the "Eco lure". The other type lures both male and female fruit flies and is based on a protein mixture. Try Bunnings, Masters or a place that sells goods to farmers. You can also make your own trap using a plastic bottle with small holes in each side and fill it with a Vegemite solution. All lures need to be chest height in the trees. We have had some success with our own traps and they are much, much cheaper that bought lures. As the season goes on gets harder and harder to manage the flies and our policy has been go early with lots of traps.


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