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"Gall wasp on Lemon Tree"

Started by Rachel - 2680 Wednesday, 26 August 2015
 Hi, I have a big lemon tree which has lots of gall from gall wasp. I know they are meant to be removed (ie cut off) but there are so many it would mean losing most of the lemons. Should I do it now even though it is fruiting or is there a better time to do it? Thanks, Rachel
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 Beth - 4552 Sunday, 30 August 2015
 I had the same thing when i moved here. YOu only need to take out new galls as the old ones have already done the damage. I have a Meyer lemon which is always covered in flowers and fruit, I moved here 9 months ago and this year, after the main cropping season, i gave it a very harsh cutback. IT is now covered in fruit and flowers again and forming new shoots where they should be. I live near Maleny so the soil and rainfall are excellent. I think that really helps. The old galls are easy to spot, as there is lots of new growth after them, and you can see small pinprick holes where the gall wasps have already emerged. Better to get them on the new growth as you see them start.

 Rachel - 2680 Sunday, 30 August 2015
 Okay thank you very much. I have put up a wasp trap too, so hopefully that will prevent too many new ones

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