Ruby Belle

Started by Trish - 3128 Monday, 26 September 2016

A picture of my Green Wall in flower. It is Pandorea pandorana "Ruby Belle" growing on wire mesh that I mentioned it on Deirdres blog page.

Dianne - 2372 Sunday, 14 October 2018

Hi, Ruby Belle! Love your idea of growing a green wall on mesh! How long did it take to cover? After nearly 10yrs at my previous address trimming VERY large & tall 3 sided "walls" of a courtyard in mixed Ivy .. originally established in 1940 .. I am now going to use your idea at my new property! So much easier than waiting for walls of Ivy! (to which I found I was extremely allergic!) I"ve started with recycling an existing rotary clothesline "in situ" with wire & mesh, with the intention of turning it into a gazebo covered in white & purple Wisteria & white & yellow Banksia Roses. I"ve done a larger one before in my previous garden with Wisteria & roses. I try to re-use as much as possible in any way I can. :) Watch for more ideas as I post! :)

Trish - 3128 Sunday, 14 October 2018

Hi Paula Thanks for your message. I only just found it to respond - my apologies. It flowered quite well this September but think I had more flowers in 2016. Kind regards Trish

Trish - 3128 Sunday, 14 October 2018

Hi Paula Thanks for your message. I found it to be quite fast growing. I did regularly feed it and I was winding it through the mesh at least weekly. It took about 4 years to reach the top and I now prune it weekly to maintain it. It has been terrific - I have found it very pleasant to look at and it is a very effect screen between me and my neighbors. I love Wisteria and Banksia roses. Good luck with your endeavors. Kind regards Trish


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