Korean box

Started by Rae - 2119 Wednesday, 25 April 2012

This afternoon I decided to bite the bullet and create the box hedge along the side entry to our house. Hubby removed the existing plants (native lillies that constantly overhung the path) and I went out to Glenorie. I purchased the box from a guy out there who grows them. His garden was amazing - it was worth the trip to see his garden. He has lined his very long driveway with liqidambars - and uses a trench digger every couple of years to ensure the roots don"t encroach on his concrete driveway! It is ages since i"ve been further than dural and i"d forgotten how many nurseries and wholesale nurseries there are out there.

Deirdre - The Compulsive Gardener Sunday, 29 April 2012

Thanks for that, Rae. That place sounds interesting - maybe you could let us know the details. The trench digger idea is a good one. Yes - Dural and surrounds is a great place for a nursery crawl! Deirdre


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