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"Raised Garden Beds"

Started by Geoff - 4170 Thursday, 08 November 2012
 I just retired, so, let the gardening commence.... I have a garden with pottery quality wet clay approx 300 mm below black soil to approx 10 metres deep. So,trying to improve it would take years and still leave very poor drainage. If you did a hole and fill with water, it is still there next week... I want to build raised garden beds. I was thinking of approx 800 high(soil to 600, mulch to 800) I was a builder, so the actual biulding process is easy(CCA Sleepers).I guess my main issue is, what soil to use? Most of the landscapers say to use mix such and such. Tree sellers say to use real top soil, as the artificial soils constantly shrink? Anyway, any advice would be welcome. Regards Geoff
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 Geoff - 4170 Saturday, 15 December 2012
 Thanks Candice,Most of the English gardening books I have read have to deal with the English climate, and especially winter, cold rains and frosts etc. Here in Brisbane, Australia, the lowest temp it gets is about 50f, and that"s for a few early mornings, otherwise ave temp would be 75f to 95f, with 80%+ humidity. I envy your four climates. I suppose in the southern states of Australia, especially Tasmania, your climates would compare to theirs. Regards Geoff

 Noeline - 2081 Wednesday, 30 January 2013
 I have similar soil and have found a raised bed is the best answer I also have found clumping bamboo is a good option for screening as it grows so fast and adds a lovely ambience to the afternoon "sit out".Topsoil by the ton can be expensive but worth it in the long ruI would put a layer of gravel on the bottom to aid drainage though Good luck:)

 Geoff - 4170 Sunday, 03 February 2013
 Hi Noeline, I found a country guy who brought in 50M3 of screened top soil and 20M3 of 10-20mm drainage gravel. I just finished laying it into the "boxes" with the aid of a bobcat last week. Been raining here ever since, so not able to complete the job yet. Will get 20M3 of mulch to lay on the top, then fit my watering system to all garden beds then start getting some plants. Every day here so far has been 33c plus with 80%+ humidity, making hot and sticky going. Regards Geoff

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