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Started by Clare - 5063 Wednesday, 03 October 2012
 Ccould anyone tell me how long I should leave shredded mulch before I can use it in the garden? The mulch is from a Pittosporum undulatum which is in our garden. I have read that if you apply mulch too soon after making it, it will stop the plants is surrounds from growing. Thanks
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 Pam - 3216 Wednesday, 14 November 2012
 Hi Clare, I believe the answer is it depends on the material that is shredded. In the case of the pittosporum the amount of wood or brown material that it no doubt contains would suggest that you could (I believe) put it straight on the soil. Only in when the material contains a lot of green am I more careful - I still put it straight on the ground but in a thin layer. I have been experimenting with this for a while to avoid the double handling that composting requires. If I notice that some foliage turns yellow I add nitrogen in the form of blood and bone or chook manure. This has happened only to a small degree. I have had great results. Good luck with it. Pam

 Clare - 5063 Wednesday, 14 November 2012
 Thank you . That helps a lot. I will try the same. Clare

 David - 2068 Sunday, 14 April 2013
 Hi Pam, Clare and other members. I was wondering the same thing because I"ve just had my pine trees shredded and the heap of fresh mulch has a pine oil smell that is noticeable from at least 10m away. Any ideas? I suspect I might need to wait months before putting it on my garden. Thanks for any advice Dave

 Geoffrey - 5072 Tuesday, 29 March 2016
 Hi fellow gardeners, has anyone used gum leaves as a mulch? If so how did it go, thickness, breakdown, does it add anything to the soil or rob it? Any extras i could add to it? I am living in a new area surrounded by beautiful gum trees, shady as well, so i am learning. Thanks Geoff

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