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"rosella and bedding salvia"

Started by Carole - 2264 Thursday, 07 July 2016

 ...caught munching the last of the bedding Salvia. Also ... Pentas flowers.

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 Carole - 2264 Thursday, 07 July 2016

 first time adding to the forums and had tried adding three pics in first message. Since that didn"t work out - here is a "salvia" snap.

 Carole - 2264 Thursday, 07 July 2016

 ...and the last one..

 Ron - 4552 Saturday, 26 September 2020
 I have 15 Abutilon shrubs about 12oo high and all were in massive full bloom until two weeks ago .They have now been stripped almost completely of all their beautiful flowers by three rosellas. I heve tried everything people have said to get rid the birds but as yet nothing works. I am in a rural area with many forms of wildlife but these rosellas are the only bird problem. Please , can anybody help, I have spent several years growing these beautiful trees Ron

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