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"New Shrub - Suggestions pls"

Started by Vanessa - 2106 Wednesday, 23 May 2012
 Hi Everyone. Not quite sure where this topic should go I guess it is along the line of colour schemes.... . We are in the process of building a granny flat in our back garden and I need an evergreen shrub/small tree to screen out the bedroom window. Details are: - full sun spot (protected from wind) in Newport. - needs to be about 2.5-3m tall. - will sit between a Golden Ash and a cottonwood Hibiscus rubra. - Backdrop of flat is painted purply-grey so "hot colours" an option. I was thinking of an acacia fimbriata b/c has fine bright green leaves which would make a nice contrast with the Hibiscus and is fast growing. But they do get much bigger than 3m plus already have one in the garden. Garden style is sydney tropical. Vanessa
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 Lyn - 2565 Sunday, 08 July 2012
 Vanessa, have you thought about a Duranta - Sheenas Gold! We planted one at the side in our rear garden to give us some privacy from a neighbour. They are fast growing, a beautiful shade of limey/yellow green and the added bonus of the beautiful purple/white flowers. Ours has only been in 2 yrs and has certainly solved our problem. Another bright shrub is the Purple Hop bush or the Smoke bush, both stunners in the garden. Good luck with your choice!

 Muddassir - Pakistan Monday, 14 January 2013
 hi, you also plant Brugmansia there, large leaf with abundant of hanging flowers.it give u ever changing screening.

 Keith - 2066 Monday, 25 March 2013
 Hi Duranta Geisha Girl with it glossy green leaves, abundant mauve flowers followed by golden berries is another possibility. You can cerainly keep ti to 3m tall and it is fast growing. Keith

 Annette - 4306 Thursday, 02 May 2013
 Durantas are in my opinion a lazy gardeners choice. They have thorns , no foliage appeal and berries. They are a threat to the environment because of the berries where people dump their prunings or bird droppings. There is a multitude of beautiful plants, look for a shrub with a romantic touch, something with lovely shade of flowers, so that when you look out of your bedroom window one feels peaceful. Purple colour as with the geisha or Duranta is a morbid colour which is certainly not wanted. Do some more research, because I think the wall colours need to be offset by a softer shade not a hot colour.

 Helen - 2104 Wednesday, 21 August 2013
 Hi, why don"t you consider a Tibouchina, they"re many different varieties around with differing heights (and colours) prune regularly to kkep a compact shape ad fertilise now and agin and rhey will reward you fwith flowers for ages. they also work well with a tropical theme. Loropetalum is another great plant with green or purple foliage and small finge type flowers in pink or cream.

 Patricia - 2100 Sunday, 23 March 2014
 We have a privacy hedge of thornless Duranta sheenas gold and it has been great. Rignt now with the lovely fuchia pink of Donyo bougainvillea in a bed in front of this background of lime green, the colour combination is a delight, especially in the late afternoon light. The Donyo is in a pot hidden amongst other plants so it doesnt get rampant. I remove any thorns from the bougainvillea...doesnt take much effort as it is kept in check.

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