which secateurs

Started by Matt - 4551 Monday, 15 October 2018

Hi all, I"m after any recommendations on a quality pair of secateurs. I dont mind spending what I have to but as theyre quite expensive I dont wont to chance it. I"ve had a succession of duds...won"t keep an edge, springs fail, uncomfortable to use. These have been in the $50 and under category but as with most things, the most expensive things aren"t always the best and the cheapest doesn"t mean best value. I need to be able to sharpen them with ease and I want to cut up to 25mm. Many thanks

Lloyd - 4060 Monday, 31 December 2018

Can"t beat either Felco or Sandvick. My Felco (21 mm) are lighter weight - my wife likes that - apparently of some alloy with aluminium for the handles. My Sandvik (22.5mm)is heavier and I use it for tougher cutting -it has done some heavy duty work. Both are by-pass cutters - have never got the idea behind the anvil kind. For proper sharpening I disassemble the blades - but I can sharpen them in place with a narrow stone. And there are pencil type sharpeners available from places like King of Knives. I also clean the face of the blades so they cut close to each other. Nothing like quality garden tools - expensive but long-lasting and reliable.


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