New Greenhouse

Started by Stephen - 3064 Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Ok , so I have decided to become the biggest commercial plant grower in the Southern Hemisphere, maybe even the world, so I have just put together my huge greenhouse. Well, maybe it"s not huge. Actually you can"t go into it, it"s a stand alone with dimensions of 107 cm by 55cm and 188 cm tall. So maybe to become the biggest commercial plant grower I"ll need two of them???? I keep it warm on a night with a pillar candle (it"s sounding less and less commercial) and I cover it with towels on a night to retain the warmth. It"s got three shelves and it"s full of cuttings and trays of seeds. Well even the big commercial growers have to start somewhere

Catherine - 5116 Monday, 09 January 2017

Sounds like an adventure ive been on before, good luck.


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