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"Justicia Carnea"

Started by Anne - 4068 Tuesday, 06 November 2018
 Could anyone tell me whether Magaskepasma and Justicia Carnea are the same plant. If not, what is the difference?
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 Lloyd - 4060 Monday, 03 December 2018
 I have the pink Justicia - it is a low shrub that thrives in my garden in a shaded area between two large camelias but with strong side light. About a metre or so high. I know of a relative"s Megaskepasma (Brazillian Red Cloak) that is 2-3 metres high and more in diameter. Large red "blossoms" cover it in season. Can be hacked hard after flowering. Based on looking, these two are not related - but I am just an amateur.

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