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"Subtropical NZ Plants"

Started by Mike - 2444 Monday, 06 May 2013
 I am trying to source plants originating from northern NZ. There are a large range of stunning tropical looking plants that would do so well on the NSW coast. Some have giant thick glossy leaves or are subtropical versions of more temperate plants. Their nearest relatives are in New Caledonia or the New Guinea Highlands. I would love to get hold of meryta sinclairii (puka), griselinia lucida, tecomanthe speciosa, pennantia baylissiana, xeronema callistemon, alectryon exelsis grandis. There are so many others that would do so well here. I know that some of them have been growing since before the ban on importing any plant matter from NZ. The range of nursery plants is getting narower it seems. Any info would help please. Thanks, Mike
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 10dril - 3146 Wednesday, 03 July 2013
 i have a young Kowhai in a pot you could have. but i"m in Melbourne. easier would be to send you seeds of a spectacular aussie tree if you"d be interested; castanospermum australe. it looks beautiful all the time and even more so in summer when it flowers. looks tropical as hell, being so. sorry if the second suggestion is totally annoying

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