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"What is this perennial"

Started by Jennifer - 3796 Tuesday, 18 September 2012

 This small plant came to me from my sister in laws garden as a small seedling plucked from growing in her pebble path.. It dies down but pops up late winter, self seeds easily and has white flowers in spring/summer. Green follage has a silvery tinge. Can anyone tell me its name? Thanks

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 Deirdre - The Compulsive Gardener Tuesday, 18 September 2012

 It looks as if it could be Lychnis coronaria. Mine has quite silvery foliage. There are forms with cerise flowers and one with a white flower with a pink eye. Refer to the photo I have attached for the flower shape. Deirdre

 Jennifer - 3796 Tuesday, 18 September 2012
 Yes the flowers are white versions of the photo. This plant has been reliably appearing in my garden for the last 5 years, it is nice to finally know what it is. Thank-you.

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