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Started by Ron - 2065 Monday, 30 July 2012
 Good morning, I have had a wonderful show of my Snowflakes (Leucojum) this year and was wondering what the current theory is with regard to the leaves following flowering. Do I let them brown off, do I cut them off when green, do I tie them in a knot or do I lift the bulbs? I am in Sydney. Ron
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 Deirdre - The Compulsive Gardener Sunday, 12 August 2012
 HI Ron - the best idea is just to let them die down naturally - don"t cut them off and don"t tie in a knot. This is a good time to fertilise them if you have time. Deirdre

 Ron - 2065 Sunday, 12 August 2012
 Thanks Deirdre, I"m never quite sure what the experts are advising!! Regards, Ron

 Deirdre - The Compulsive Gardener Sunday, 12 August 2012
 The same advice applies to all winter-spring flowering bulbs as apparently they store food for next year"s flowers during the period when the leaves are dying down. I guess that is why feeding the foliage now helps in this process. Great that you had such a good display this year. Deirdre

 Lynn mcgough - 2780 Wednesday, 19 June 2013
 I know I am naughty saying this............but I often tie the leaves of my bulbs in a knot when they start to get tired and flop everywhere. It just drives me crazy when they all lay over other plants trying to break dormancy & it makes the new plants grow on funny angles, some bulb leaves are just plain thuggish & untidy. I have never experienced any problems with doing this, my bulbs always flower the following year. I blame my Granny for this habit, she used to do this in her garden when I was little.......I am not advising that anyone do this though:-) Lynn

 Carole - 2230 Monday, 20 July 2020
 Lovely photo of the Leucojum aestivum Deidre. Every time I see the plant or a photo I am reminded that for 46 years of my life I knew the common name as Snowdrops. I am now 77 and since leaving Tasmania when I was 46 I have discovered that the rest of Australia calls them Snowflakes and it still doesn't sound right :-)

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