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"Belladonna Lilies "

Started by Annie - 3677 Monday, 15 June 2020
 I have a number bulbs of Belladonna Lilies given to me by a friend that have not flowered in the 3 years since I planted them. Now, in June, they are have lush, strappy foliage, but at flowering time, in spring or summer, they look dormant. I planted them in a tough spot in my garden, where the soil is clay and they get north- western sun. I thought they would not require any watering, but that might be wrung. I planted them with the top of their bulbs just showing above the ground. Should I lift them and replant, in another spot?
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 Bob - 5223 Tuesday, 18 August 2020
 Hi Annie Belladonna's are tough critters and will they will grow in very dry conditions they also respond to an occasional drink. Planting with the tops of the bulbs exposed is the correct way of planting them. As to the non flowering, be patient, Bellas are one of a group of bulbs that do not appreciate being moved and usually sulk for several years before forgiving you and deciding to flower again Brunsvigia is another one and has been known to either flower within 2 years or punish you for 10

 Annie - 3677 Tuesday, 18 August 2020
 Thanks Bob, for your response. My Belladonnas are still luxuriantly green but once they lose their leaves I will remember not to totally neglect them water-wise as I have done previously!

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