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"Flower seeds"

Started by Margaret - 3002 Wednesday, 02 August 2017
 I would like to be able to exchange SEEDS as postage problems sometimes make it difficult to mail plants. I have seeds of Lychnis, Stock, Felecias, Centranthemum, Cyrtanthus, Cerastium Tomentosum, Nigella. Photos of plants available. Anyone interested ?
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 Anne - 3711 Monday, 08 January 2018
 Hi Margaret, If these are still available i would love some, i have the following seeds available if you are interested, poppies, marigolds, honesty plant. We could do a swap. Cheers Annie

 Margaret - 3002 Monday, 08 January 2018
 Hello Annie. Please email me. Gardens.are.my.life(at)gmail.com

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