Kangaroo Paw

Started by Richard - 2066 Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I have some Kangaroo Paw from "Bush Gems" which were planted in the garden and bloomed for a couple of seasons, then nothing. I lifted them, sparated them and repotted them. Since then they grow foliage but no blooms. I"ve tried everything...no water, water, feed, no feed without any success. Has anyone any ideas? Thanks!

John - 2343 Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I have heard they are not very long living, but could be wrong? They have been bred to style. Whereas the natural growing natives are.

Julie - 2145 Friday, 06 March 2015

I grew Kangaroo Paws successfully for a while. And I agree they are not long living. My plants thrived in a very hot position and the more I watered the more they flowered. It wasn"t until we had a very wet season they developed a black type of mildew & rot. It was then I removed them.

Beth - 2257 Friday, 06 March 2015

For 15 years a yellow KP has grown happily in sandy soil on the Central Coast NSW. Two years ago I planted Big Reds in a variety of spots and have had moderate success. Second year not as good as the first. I think KP are pretty fussy critters and my nurseryman agrees. I suggest keep trying different varieties and different spots.

Delwyn - 6281 Thursday, 21 July 2016

Del I have found the bush gems kangaroo paws grow best in pots. Divide them frequently and cut out old stems and they flower most of the time.


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