Started by JANET - 4211 Monday, 11 February 2013

Does anyone know whether correas like a dry shady spot and are they hard to grow?

Sue - 2073 Monday, 25 February 2013

I have had mixed success with correas. I found the best ones to be "chef"s hat" and Correa Alba. They can take quite a bit of shade and don"t like soggy feet. In Sydney they are a bit hit and miss but it is worth trying they are so pretty. I have managed to hedge Alba down my front path. Good luck. Sue 2073

John - 2343 Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Yes mixed experience with correas. Dusky Bells I have a few and 2 newly planted in the Spring have thrown the towel in while the others planted same time are powing on. Pretty sure they dont like too much water, and do need quite well draining situations. Correa Alba going great, Correa Glabra Green grow rigourously but stems are quite weak in the early months especially if exposed to wind. Stake them out for a year or 2 and trim regularly to get dense growth. They have the most delightful lime green bell flowers. Ours are growing in a range of full sun to part shade the 2 that look to be dying are planted under silky oak trees. However one of these has a companion just 1m away and it"s doing fine. So they can be tricky in the early days. I have one Dusky Bells 3 years old now and is approx 1m x 1m after regular trimming.


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