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"King Orchids"

Started by Lloyd - 4060 Monday, 17 August 2020
 It is mid-August in Brisbane and no sign of flower buds on my Kings - I have three. I put this down in part to my plants being too shaded. In past years I have had buds appear, only to dry up and fail. So my conclusion is that good light - direct sunlight - is the answer. I need to re-locate them I think. One on the side of a foxtail palm seems to be getting what it needs - on the eastern side of the palm, sheltered from the west. But not really likely to be a 'natural' location - it is tied on above a staghorn. As for the Dendrobium beetle - I have developed a technique that sees me cupping my hand below the foraging pest and then tapping the leaf so that the beetle falls into my hand....it seems their defence mechanism is, when disturbed, to drop before taking flight. Once caught, I simply crush them with a finger nail - they are tough little blighters. I wonder if Success would eventually deal with them as sucking insects - thoughts?
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 Charlie - 3002 Tuesday, 18 August 2020
 I have several king orchids in large shallow pots in my garden in Melbourne. They like lots of sun, especially in the winter and plenty of light through the summer as well. If ever they get pushed aside and shaded to any extent they refuse to flower. They often grow in the wild on exposed rock faces in full sun and while the leaves may bleach a little they flower well in that sort of position. Soi think you are right - more sun needed! Charlie

 Cathy - 4520 Wednesday, 19 August 2020
 We are in Brisbane and I have 4 king orchids and they are just budding now. We visited friends a few kilometres away this afternoon and theirs was gloriously in full bloom. The difference being their plant has a more open aspect and gets more rainfall.

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