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South African flora offers Sydney gardeners many easy-to-grow plants.
Winter greenery   14Jun09
During the winter months, I really appreciate the evergreen shrubs which give structure to my garden.
A feast of berries   21Jun09
Berry-bearing plants can bring colour into our autumn and early winter gardens.
Hot winter colour   27Jun09
We are very lucky to be gardening in Sydney, where a host of winter-blooming plants can cheer us through the dreary days of June and July.
Plant sculpture   12Jun10
Plants with dramatic shapes can provide form and interest during the winter months.
Leaves of gold   20Jun10
Golden foliage can brighten up a gloomy winter's day.
Bella Umbria   11Jun11
My stay amidst an Italian garden!
My visit to a 16th century Italian garden in Viterbo.
An amazing 16th century garden.
Under the leaves   03Jun12
Raking autumn leaves from my garden beds, I discovered some nice surprises.
Humble plants   10Jun12
I pay homage to some of the quiet achievers in difficult spots in the garden.
At the moment I have some interesting species Fuchsia specimens in bloom.
There are many flowers which bloom in winter in Sydney, cheering us on cold days.
My day at Chelsea   17Jun13
Recently I attended the Chelsea Flower Show in London for the first time.
During my recent holiday, I visited an amazing Italian garden.
Garden rivalry   30Jun13
Two amazing gardens on Lake Como resulted from political rivalry.
Thinning   08Jun14
This is a good time of year to divide congested plants.
Unusual plants   15Jun14
I was once obsessed with rare plants.
Consider camellias   22Jun14
This is the time of year to enjoy Camellia flowers.
Visiting gardens   07Jun15
Gardeners love to visit other gardens!
The power of scent   14Jun15
Scented plants come to our aid in winter!
Big pests   21Jun15
Big pests can be very destructive!
There are lots of pluses about winter!
Kimberley icons   12Jun16
A holiday always reveals new plants!
I am more unhappy than usual with my garden this winter!
Winter charmers   26Jun16
Flowering bulbs can cheer up cold days.
Gardening in winter   25Jun17
Gardening in winter can be a delight.
Winter pruning   03Jun18
There are lots of pruning jobs in winter!
Filling winter gaps   17Jun18
I pop in a few plants for winter!
Camellias in Sydney   24Jun18
These plants grow to perfection here!
We can change our ways!
Joys of June   07Jun20
Some lovely June flowers!
Forgotten silver   14Jun20
Silver foliage can be so useful in the garden.
Bright winter colour!
Citrus bounty   28Jun20
Citrus fruit give bright colour in winter.