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Horribly hot   21Jan09
Our current ferocious heatwave is enough to test the commitment of any gardener.
Taking cuttings   14Mar10
This is an excellent time of year to take cuttings of your favourite plants.
This plant family has some exotic members, and they are well suited to our climate.
Frost!   04Jul10
Last week we experienced the coldest June night for 60 years in Sydney.
Sunny Sunday   01Aug10
Sunday was a beautiful day to be in the garden!
August sees me pruning my garden, and planning changes.
I have vowed to look after my pot plants more diligently.
The beginning of a new year inspires plans for the next 12 months in the garden.
Ageing gracefully   23Jan11
Some flowers have the characteristic of ageing gracefully over a long period, and these have great value in our gardens.
The subject of what to wear when gardening is an important one!
Grooming the garden   20Feb11
Some gentle grooming will prepare the garden for a renewed lease of life in early autumn.
Gardening gadgets   20Mar11
Some of the most useful garden gadgets are simply recycled household objects.
Sprinter pottering   31Jul11
Saturday was a perfect day to be in the garden.
Survival tactics   02Oct11
A trip to the country shows the tenacity of some tough plants.
As one gets older, there is the need to rethink aspects of one's garden.
Plant thugs   18Mar12
I have battled many plant thugs in my life!
Under the leaves   03Jun12
Raking autumn leaves from my garden beds, I discovered some nice surprises.
Ageing plants   15Jul12
Some plants improve with the years but others get worn out!
Sowing the seed   04Nov12
Growing plants from seed can be very rewarding.
A blank slate   11Nov12
The removal of some trees has created a new garden area.
Taking stock   13Jan13
The start of a new year can motivate us to reevaluate our gardens.
I am pondering on plants that cope with dry shade.
Less is more   10Mar13
Growing fewer plants in a border can pay off.
Our new border has finally been planted out.
Thoughts on a low-maintenance border.
Garden helpers   14Jul13
What to do when gardening becomes too difficult?
I am keen to grow more vegetables in my garden!
Downsizing   26Jan14
A friend has moved to a smaller garden.
Decluttering   02Feb14
Clutter can gather in a garden!
Time spent grooming the garden pays off.
Inspiration from two city gardens.
A new book helps identify friends and foes in the garden.
Clearing the air   11May14
Plants can help remove toxic substances from our homes.
Lots of leaves   25May14
This is the time of year to be dealing with fallen autumn leaves!
Thinning   08Jun14
This is a good time of year to divide congested plants.
Unusual plants   15Jun14
I was once obsessed with rare plants.
Border revamp   17Aug14
In recent weeks, I have stripped some garden borders.
Waste not, want not   24Aug14
Recycling kitchen scraps benefits gardens.
Pinching can be a good thing.
Unequal battles   19Oct14
I have given up the fight against some plants.
Handy hints   09Nov14
Handy hints from others improve our gardens.
A new book gives strategies for overcoming garden problems.
Helpful creatures   11Jan15
There is much we can do to attract beneficial insects to our gardens.
Space to grow   25Jan15
Plants need to be given enough space!
It is best to move plants in the cooler months.
Weeding   17May15
Weeding can be fun!
Non-toxic solutions   24May15
There are lots of ways to outwit pests!
Big pests   21Jun15
Big pests can be very destructive!
Secateurs on hold   02Aug15
I am holding off pruning my warm-climate plants for now.
Happy Father's Day   06Sep15
My dad loved his garden.
Wearing glasses can be helpful!
Clever containers   15Nov15
Pot plants have much to offer.
Editing the garden   29Nov15
Our gardens are always being edited.
Happy Mother's Day   08May16
My mother's garden has been hugely influential for me.
I am more unhappy than usual with my garden this winter!
There are many ways we can recycle!
This has been a busy week in the garden!
Grown from leaves   27Nov16
Leaf cuttings are intriguing!
Here are some seasonal tips!
I've learned a lot this summer!
Dreaming of autumn   12Feb17
I am dreaming of what I can do in autumn!
Notes to self   26Mar17
What would I tell my younger self about gardening?
War on weeds   28May17
We need to use safe ways to despatch weeds!
Gardening in winter   25Jun17
Gardening in winter can be a delight.
The kindest cut   27Aug17
This time of year I am pruning - hard!
Making plants   24Sep17
I recently learned tips on taking cuttings.
The NBN and me   10Dec17
Moving plants in a crisis!
New Year spruce-up   07Jan18
Spruce up the garden for a new lease of life.
Summertime blues   14Jan18
How to keep our plants alive?
I have been in the garden early in the day!
Last summer taught me much.
Good news for bees   06May18
Bees can celeb-rate!
Gardening in May   20May18
This May has been perfect gardening weather.
Winter pruning   03Jun18
There are lots of pruning jobs in winter!
Filling winter gaps   17Jun18
I pop in a few plants for winter!
My ideas on this topic have changed.
Goodbye 2018   30Dec18
I reflect on the year in my garden.
Insects in peril   03Mar19
What we gardeners can do to help insects.
We can change our ways!
What are the benefits?
Coping with drought.
Recent rain has revived spirits.
Plant resilience   02Feb20
Plants can be tough!
Just add water   16Feb20
What rain can do!
A shaded path   19Apr20
A blog and a video!
Blog and video!
Late-autumn pruning   24May20
There is a lot to cut back now!
Ruthless gardening   31May20
Time to re-appraise.
One crowded hour   27Sep20
Much can be achieved in regular short stints in the garden.
There are lots of ways to outwit garden pests!