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Salvias in bloom   16Nov08
Versatile and beautiful shrubby salvias are beginning to bloom.
Acanthus and kin   24Nov08
My parents gave me Acanthus mollis for my first garden on the basis it couldn't be killed.
Daylily daze   06Dec08
November and December see daylilies at their peak.
Winsome windflowers   24Mar09
One of the stars of the early autumn garden is the Japanese windflower.
The many types of Plectranthus provide some of my favourite autumn flowers for shady spots.
Autumn daisies   10May09
I always think of spring as being when daisies are in bloom, but there are quite a few members of the Asteraceae family which appear now.
Hot winter colour   27Jun09
We are very lucky to be gardening in Sydney, where a host of winter-blooming plants can cheer us through the dreary days of June and July.
There are Salvias for every season and some of the most brilliant ones flower in winter.
Some plants from the Mediterranean region, Madeira and the Canary Islands thrive in dry sunny spots and bloom in late winter in Sydney.
Daisies seem to epitomise spring and there are lots to choose from for Sydney gardens.
I am enjoying some hot-coloured flowers in my spring garden.
Succulent flowers   11Oct09
A variety of succulent plants have attractive, long-lasting blooms in late winter and spring.
Shady whites   01Nov09
My garden has entered something of a white phase at the moment.
The garden created by Wendy Whiteley in Lavender Bay in Sydney, is a semi-tropical oasis, using plants that thrive in our climate.
Summer colour does not have to be all about flowers - there are wonderful foliage plants which flourish in our Sydney climate.
The turf lily   14Feb10
Liriope is a tough little perennial in bloom now.
The colour orange   21Feb10
At the moment, orange flowers catch my eye.
Mistaken identities   07Mar10
There are several plants in bloom at the moment that are often thought to be Salvias.
The dramatic foliage plants known as elephant's ears belong to a family sometimes called the aroids.
Bromeliads provide a solution to difficult, dry, shady spots in Sydney gardens.
Fun with colour   04Apr10
Some of my favourite colour schemes can be seen in the garden at the moment.
Deep purple   11Apr10
There are some stunning purple flowers in bloom at the moment.
This plant family has some exotic members, and they are well suited to our climate.
There are lots of Salvia in bloom at this time of year, including some I have been trialling for suitability in my garden.
Dusky leaves   30May10
The use of dark-tinted foliage can add drama and interest to garden borders.
Plant sculpture   12Jun10
Plants with dramatic shapes can provide form and interest during the winter months.
Sunny Sunday   01Aug10
Sunday was a beautiful day to be in the garden!
Winter white   08Aug10
White flowers in the winter garden can create a satisfying vignette.
Pretty in pink   29Aug10
Pink seems to be the colour of early spring.
Growing epiphytes in trees gives scope for fitting in more plants.
An afternoon visiting gardens brings delight and inspiration.
I have vowed to look after my pot plants more diligently.
Silver in the shade   17Oct10
Some beautiful silver-foliage plants thrive in shade.
Tough customers   24Oct10
Tough and undemanding plants from my parents' garden are favourites in my own.
This weekend I discovered a new nursery and found some plant treasures there.
Spots and splashes   07Nov10
Leaves variegated with spots and splashes of colour bring an intriguing touch to gardens.
Dreaming spires   14Nov10
This time of year sees the rising of spires of flowers in the garden.
A bunch of flowers with some green carnations reminded me of the fascination of green blooms.
Summer garden blues   06Feb11
We have endured one of the hottest weeks on record in our gardens, but plants have still provided solace.
Bright whites   27Feb11
There are some brilliantly white flowers illuminating my garden at the moment.
A few tough herbaceous perennials have endured from my cottage gardening days.
Warm autumn flowers   13Mar11
In March there are many flowers of autumn hues to give a seasonal display in Sydney gardens.
A shift of season   27Mar11
Late March brings a welcome shift of season in our Sydney gardens.
Strange flowers   03Apr11
I have a fascination for weird and wonderful blooms!
I spent a very wet Saturday at the Collectors' Plant Fair!
Scented leaves   24Apr11
Scented leaves can evoke memories and uplift the soul.
Salvia plants are taking centre stage in my garden.
Exotic leaves   08May11
Meet a plant family with amazing foliage.
Good-looking leaves   10Jul11
A stroll in the garden reveals many plants with attractive winter foliage.
Fluffy flowers   14Aug11
Some flowers just demand to be touched!
As one gets older, there is the need to rethink aspects of one's garden.
This garden has all the elements of a cottagey style.
Cheerful geraniums   23Oct11
Pelargonium types provide a bright splash of colour almost all year round in our Sydney gardens.
Spillover plants   13Nov11
I love plants that tumble over walls and steps to soften hard surfaces.
Self-seeding spires   27Nov11
This month sees the blooming of some self-seeding plants with spires.
Some small perennials flower this month - a reminder of my cottage garden days.
Salvias revisited   24Mar13
My thoughts on growing salvias have changed over the years.
The ongoing heat and dryness remind us to choose plants that can cope.
Grown from seed   03Nov13
Plants I have grown from seed have a special cachet.
Joy of autumn   09Mar14
Early autumn is my favourite time of year!
Succulents can be fun!
Salvias in August   09Aug15
These salvias are looking good right now.
Pretty flowers from South Africa are in bloom.
I like drama in the garden.
Salvia update   08Nov15
There are lots of new salvias.
Prairie-dwellers   31Jan16
Some summer stars from the North American prairies.
Quirky characters   29Jan17
I am enjoying some unusual plants at the moment.
New plantings   23Apr17
April is a great time to plant!
Quiet achievers   07Oct18
These tough plants are gems.
There are some pretty species!
Salvias in autumn   10May20
Autumn is the best season for salvias!
Hello hellebores   23Aug20
These lovely blooms appear in late winter.
Early spring blues   06Sep20
Blue flowers for shaded spots!
In the limelight   13Sep20
I love the colour lime-green!
Although my garden is semi-tropical in nature now, I still have some vestiges from my cottage garden days!
Embracing summer   22Nov20
These plants love heat!