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More winter flowers   26Jul09
The Acanthus family contains some attractive shrubs for winter blooms.
Daisies seem to epitomise spring and there are lots to choose from for Sydney gardens.
A quilt of begonias   03Oct09
Rhizomatous Begonia are flowering at the moment, and can create an effective carpet in shady places.
Summer colour does not have to be all about flowers - there are wonderful foliage plants which flourish in our Sydney climate.
Bromeliads provide a solution to difficult, dry, shady spots in Sydney gardens.
Dusky leaves   30May10
The use of dark-tinted foliage can add drama and interest to garden borders.
Pretty in pink   29Aug10
Pink seems to be the colour of early spring.
An afternoon visiting gardens brings delight and inspiration.
Silver in the shade   17Oct10
Some beautiful silver-foliage plants thrive in shade.
Tough customers   24Oct10
Tough and undemanding plants from my parents' garden are favourites in my own.
A living tapestry   28Nov10
A garden border combining a mixed planting of different groundcovers forms a living tapestry.
Summer garden blues   06Feb11
We have endured one of the hottest weeks on record in our gardens, but plants have still provided solace.
Good-looking leaves   10Jul11
A stroll in the garden reveals many plants with attractive winter foliage.
As one gets older, there is the need to rethink aspects of one's garden.
There are some tough and undemanding groundcovers that grow well in the shade.
Playing gardens   22Jan12
A day in the garden reminds me of the value of tough bromeliads.
I recently paid a visit to a Sydney Begonia nursery.
A number of bromeliads are flowering in my garden now.
Humble plants   10Jun12
I pay homage to some of the quiet achievers in difficult spots in the garden.
Some small perennials flower this month - a reminder of my cottage garden days.
Spidery plants   06Apr14
Meet some plants that have a 'spidery' look.
A shady tapestry   14Feb16
These plants make a carpet in shade.
Covering the ground   25Sep16
I am trying to avoid bare earth!
Willing weavers   12Aug18
Some plants love to ramble!
Close planting   17Feb19
Many plants seem to enjoy being planted close together.
Fragrant winter-flowering plants can get us out into the garden in July!
Hello hellebores   23Aug20
These lovely blooms appear in late winter.
In the limelight   13Sep20
I love the colour lime-green!