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The garden created by Wendy Whiteley in Lavender Bay in Sydney, is a semi-tropical oasis, using plants that thrive in our climate.
Summer colour does not have to be all about flowers - there are wonderful foliage plants which flourish in our Sydney climate.
Dusky leaves   30May10
The use of dark-tinted foliage can add drama and interest to garden borders.
Plant sculpture   12Jun10
Plants with dramatic shapes can provide form and interest during the winter months.
Leaves of gold   20Jun10
Golden foliage can brighten up a gloomy winter's day.
Baby leaves   12Sep10
September sees the unfurling of beautiful baby leaves everywhere.
I have vowed to look after my pot plants more diligently.
Silver in the shade   17Oct10
Some beautiful silver-foliage plants thrive in shade.
Exotic leaves   08May11
Meet a plant family with amazing foliage.
Autumn carpets   15May11
I enjoy seeing carpets of fallen leaves and flowers in autumn.
Good-looking leaves   10Jul11
A stroll in the garden reveals many plants with attractive winter foliage.
Playing gardens   22Jan12
A day in the garden reminds me of the value of tough bromeliads.
Lavish leaves   04Mar12
The continuing wet weather has seen foliage flourish.
Fun with rexes   29Apr12
Rex Begonia can give a lot of joy.
Humble plants   10Jun12
I pay homage to some of the quiet achievers in difficult spots in the garden.
Good standards   16Sep12
Standard plants have a lot to offer in the garden.
Taming Persicaria   21Oct12
Persicaria are vigorous and attractive foliage plants - that need control!
A nursery in Sydney's north-west specialises in plants for shady spots.
I like drama in the garden.
Silver in the sun   06Mar16
Meet some fab silver foliage plants for sun.
Revelling in leaves   23Oct16
There are some lovely leaves around now!
Colourful coleus   05Feb17
Coleus are decorative yet tough!
Painted plants   30Apr17
Many plants are works of art!
Leafy colour echoes   16Jul17
Leaves with coloured undersides add interest to the garden!
These plants offer foliage contrast.
Shapely echoes   19May19
Plant pairings can be based on leaf shape!
Leaves of velvet   01Mar20
I enjoy tactile foliage!