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This garden has all the elements of a cottagey style.
Indispensable herbs   09Sep12
Growing herbs can lead to a passion for gardening.
Vegie patches   12Oct14
I am growing more vegies in my garden.
Achievable edibles   31May15
A new book explains how to grow edibles in small spaces.
My friend Basil   20Sep15
I adore Basil.
Potted vegie plot   11Sep16
Vegies can grow well in pots!
It's easy to grow garlic at home!
Leafy winter crops   01Jul17
There are lots of edibles that grow in winter!
Eating flowers   08Oct17
Many flowers can be used in cooking!
Sprouting is a way to garden!
Amongst the flowers   21Oct18
Surprises amongst the blooms!
Some ideas to recycle scraps!
Citrus bounty   28Jun20
Citrus fruit give bright colour in winter.
Winter distractions   26Jul20
Finding ways to endure winter!