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Capricious spring   08Sep08
The essence of spring is its unpredictability.
Tropical colour   12Feb09
Before summer goes, I want to pay homage to two tropical favourites.
Autumn leaves   17May09
Though we don't experience the full splendour of autumn leaves found in cool regions, we can still have a good display.
Winter greenery   14Jun09
During the winter months, I really appreciate the evergreen shrubs which give structure to my garden.
Hot winter colour   27Jun09
We are very lucky to be gardening in Sydney, where a host of winter-blooming plants can cheer us through the dreary days of June and July.
I am enjoying some hot-coloured flowers in my spring garden.
Purple snow   25Oct09
The wonderful flowers of Jacaranda trees are starting to appear.
Shady whites   01Nov09
My garden has entered something of a white phase at the moment.
Colour echoes   08Nov09
The concept of colour echoes can be used to create harmony and cohesion in planting schemes.
The colour orange   21Feb10
At the moment, orange flowers catch my eye.
Fun with colour   04Apr10
Some of my favourite colour schemes can be seen in the garden at the moment.
Deep purple   11Apr10
There are some stunning purple flowers in bloom at the moment.
More autumn leaves   09May10
Mother's Day sees us get close to the peak of autumn-colouring leaves in Sydney.
Dusky leaves   30May10
The use of dark-tinted foliage can add drama and interest to garden borders.
Leaves of gold   20Jun10
Golden foliage can brighten up a gloomy winter's day.
Winter white   08Aug10
White flowers in the winter garden can create a satisfying vignette.
Pretty in pink   29Aug10
Pink seems to be the colour of early spring.
Silver in the shade   17Oct10
Some beautiful silver-foliage plants thrive in shade.
Spots and splashes   07Nov10
Leaves variegated with spots and splashes of colour bring an intriguing touch to gardens.
A bunch of flowers with some green carnations reminded me of the fascination of green blooms.
Summer garden blues   06Feb11
We have endured one of the hottest weeks on record in our gardens, but plants have still provided solace.
Bright whites   27Feb11
There are some brilliantly white flowers illuminating my garden at the moment.
Warm autumn flowers   13Mar11
In March there are many flowers of autumn hues to give a seasonal display in Sydney gardens.
Salvia plants are taking centre stage in my garden.
Autumn carpets   15May11
I enjoy seeing carpets of fallen leaves and flowers in autumn.
Winter solace   03Jul11
Winter flowers can cheer us up in July.
An amazing wall   20Nov11
A retaining wall has been transformed into a glowing border.
A neon rainbow   15Jan12
One part of my garden seems to have many flowers with an unearthly glow at the moment.
Colour inspirations   29Jan12
Chance encounters with colour combinations can influence our garden plantings.
Plant stars   05Feb12
These plants bloom for many months in my garden - and some are in flower all year!
Elegant silvers   25Mar12
Silver foliage plants can bring sparkle and contrast into our gardens.
Why have busy Lizzies disappeared?
Fun with rexes   29Apr12
Rex Begonia can give a lot of joy.
Give autumn-coloured flowers a background of deciduous leaves.
A number of bromeliads are flowering in my garden now.
There are many flowers which bloom in winter in Sydney, cheering us on cold days.
Seeing red   28Oct12
The colour red has great potential in the garden, if used with care!
I love 'black' flowers in the garden!
Beautiful bouquets   09Dec12
Flower arrangements can offer inspiration for the garden.
Winter wonders   07Jul13
Despite the cold temperatures, there are still flowers to be found!
I ponder on plants whose flowers change colour as they age.
Our gardens can be full of colour through summer.
These are some plants I am enjoying now.
Top summer colour   23Feb14
Many plants give summer colour in Sydney.
Going for gold   16Mar14
Gold leaves provide long-lasting colour.
I am enjoying some spring flowers.
Purple patch   26Oct14
My garden has lots of purple flowers at the moment.
Instant colour   18Jan15
These New Guinea plants give instant colour.
Tropical treats   01Feb15
February is our most tropical month in Sydney!
Bright trumpet flowers light up my garden.
A garden of echoes   22Feb15
Colour echoes create cohesion in planting.
Hurrah for autumn   15Mar15
Sydney gardens can be wonderful in autumn.
I discover the use of bromeliads in pots.
Colours of Orange   26Apr15
Orange NSW has great autumn colours.
Salvias in August   09Aug15
These salvias are looking good right now.
Many plants from East Asia bloom now.
I have a new method of planting!
Silver in the sun   06Mar16
Meet some fab silver foliage plants for sun.
The colour blue   27Mar16
Blue is my favourite colour!
I picked a patriotic posy from my garden!
Some choices for spring in Sydney!
There are lots of delights in the garden now!
Perfect weather   16Apr17
Easter's weather was gorgeous!
Our gardens are always in a state of flux.
Leafy colour echoes   16Jul17
Leaves with coloured undersides add interest to the garden!
I love this month!
A red corner   26Nov17
Red flowers are catching my eye.
Flowers with eyes   25Feb18
Many flowers have 'eyes'!
These plants bloom for ages!
A variety of succulent plants flower now.
I love rich blue flowers!
Another video!   12Apr20
I have made a video of part of the back garden.
Blog and video tour!
Joys of June   07Jun20
Some lovely June flowers!
Forgotten silver   14Jun20
Silver foliage can be so useful in the garden.
Bright winter colour!
Citrus bounty   28Jun20
Citrus fruit give bright colour in winter.
These blooms attract attention!
Early spring blues   06Sep20
Blue flowers for shaded spots!
In the limelight   13Sep20
I love the colour lime-green!